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Ceres Software Corporation

Welcome to Ceres Software Corporation, a science resource center. We create practical and effective physics problem-solving software, educational worksheets, and interactive activities for high school science and computer science teachers, with the main goal of engaging and stimulating their students. At the present time we have comprehensive sets of activities in the following areas: anatomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth and space science, physical science, physics, and zoology. To evaluate how beneficial are the activities for your teaching program, you can view and try them online, in addition to download free of charge a sample of five or more complete activities in pdf and interactive html formats in each subject. For high school physics students, we created seven outstanding interactive modules for Windows and Mac computers, to help them become more efficient problem solvers in kinematics, dynamics, optics, and AP Physics 1 and 2. Finally, for students participating in the science fair, we put together two unique products that teach students how to assemble balsa wood bridges and educational electric motors.

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